Programa de bilingüismo del IES Diego de Guzmán y Quesada (Huelva)


domingo, 10 de marzo de 2019

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TRES CANTOS (Madrid) - March 7-8 2019 - First Meeting of members of the CIRO PROJECT

Representatives of CRES from Greece, EMILE from Great Britain, COLEGIO JESÚS NAZARENO from Spain, GYMNASIUM HERIBURG from Germany and DIEGO DE GUZMÁN & QUESADA Highschool from Spain have been hosted by ARIEMA in Madrid for the initial meeting of CIRO PROJECT. The meetings have been very productive and we have started working seriously for a product that is going to let us teach our students the importance of hydrogen as the best source for the terrible problem we are facing regarding global warming. We are really hopeful on excellent results with such a great team!

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